An international conference organised under the aegis of the International Association for Anselm Studies and the Institute for Liberal Arts, Boston College, with sponsorship from Fairfield University, the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Durham University, and the Philosophy and Theology Departments at Boston College.

Boston College, 27-30 July, 2015

Keynote speakers:
William Aird (Edinburgh)
Marcia Colish (Yale)
Burcht Pranger (Amsterdam)
Denys Turner (Yale)
Nicholas Watson (Harvard)

Thursday 9 July 2015

Conference Schedule

International Association for Anselm Studies (IAAS)

Boston College
27-30 July 2015

An international conference organised under the aegis of the International Association for Anselm Studies and the Institute for Liberal Arts, Boston College, with sponsorship from Fairfield University, the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Durham University, and the Philosophy and Theology Departments at Boston College.

Monday, 27 July                                               

From 10.00

Conference Welcome

Plenary Session 1 - Stokes 195S

William Aird - The silence amid the shouting: Archbishop Anselm at the court of the Norman king

Coffee Break

a. sessions are in Stokes 325N

b. sessions are in Stokes 228N
Parallel Session 1       

1a. Friends and Friendships
Chair – Dallas Denery
1b. Augustinianisms
Chair Stephen Brown
Thomas Barrows - St Anselm and Gundulf of Rochester: Brothers of Bec, One in Heart and Soul

Kevin White - Two  Beginnings: The Prologues of Augustine's Confessions and Anselm's Proslogion

Hollie Devanney - The inclusion of women in Saint Anselm’s friendship Network

Kyle Hubbard - A Faithful Reading?:  Anselm’s Monologion and Augustine’s De Trinitate

No paper

Michael Vendsel - Augustine's De Libero Arbitrio and Anselm's Argument in Proslogion 1-4

Tuesday, 28 July

Parallel Session 2

2a. Reading the Incarnation
Chair - Burcht Pranger

2b. Anselm’s Contemporaries
Chair - Grover Zinn
David L. Whidden - The Proslogion, Gilbert Crispin, and the Cur Deus homo: Anselm’s Student and the Problems of the Incarnation

Hiroko Yamazaki - Anselm and Odo of Cambrai on God and Evil

James Wetzel - Remoto Christo: Anselm’s experiment in Cur deus homo and an Augustinian aside

Bernd Goebel - Anselmian themes and anti-Anselmian stances in Ralph of Battle’s philosophical theology

Gene Fendt - Anselm's Cur Deus Homo: A Meditation from the Point of View of the Sinner

Bernard van Vreeswijk - Justice in the works of Anselm and the works of Gilbert Crispin
Coffee Break

Parallel Session 3

3a. Finding God
Chair - Denys Turner

3b. Order and Disorder
Chair - William Aird
Ian Logan - Per rationalem mentem: Anselm's turn to the subject

Jana Pacyna - (Re)counting History: Anselm of Canterbury and the English Investiture Conflicts: Perspectives of the Historical Network Analysis

Jonathan McIntosh - Speaking of Possibilities: The Theistic Actualism of Anselm’s Divine Locutio

Sally Vaughn - Leading Everything Irregular in England Back to Due Order: The Probable Theories behind Archbishop Anselm's Political Endeavors

Karen Sullivan - False, Doubtful, and Uncertain Things: Fictions of Lancelot and Anselm’s Proof of God

Karen Bollermann - Anselm’s Second ‘Life’: Eadmer’s Saint becomes John of Salisbury’s Defensor ecclesiae

Parallel Session 4

4a. Salvation, Love and Truth
Chair - Boyd Taylor Coolman

4b. Reading the Proslogion
Chair - Ian Logan
Ian Levy - The Soteriology of Bruno the Carthusian (1030-1101)

Christian Tapp - What, in the end, is “the one argument” (unum argumentum)?

Devin O'Leary - Anselm's Influence on William of St. Thierry's Theology of Pneumatological Love

Juergen Scherb - One God but two Concepts

Christian Brouwer - How did Robert and Thomas read Anselm’s definition of Truth?

Thomas Losoncy - Does Anselm's Proslogion argument abandon Augustine on a key point?
Plenary Session 2 - Stokes 195S

Burcht Pranger - Pondus Dei: Anselmian Poetics

IAAS General Meeting - Stokes 195S - All welcome to attend

Wednesday, 29 July

9.30 - 11.00
Parallel Session 5

5a. Reason and the Bec Curriculum
Chair - Margaret Healy-Varley

5b. 19th Century Voices
 Chair - Giles Gasper
Jacob Archambault - The Teaching of the Trivium at Bec and its Bearing upon the Anselmian Program of fides quaerens intellectum

Emery De Gaal - he Rediscovery of Anselmian Thought in the 19th Century: A Portrayal of Johann Adam Möhler’s Reading of Anselm

David Liberto - Verbum in Anselm's Monologion

John Slotemaker -  Reading Anselm in the 19th and early 20th Century: Adolph von Harnack and Protestant Historiography

No paper

No paper
Coffee Break

Parallel Session 6

6a. Monastic Cultures
Chair - Eric Weiskott

6b. Later Scholastic Readings
Chair - John Slotemaker
George Younge - Old English literary culture and the circle of Saint Anselm

Alexander Stöpfgeshoff - What makes us deserving of moral praise: Godfrey of Fontaines' reading of De Veritate XII

Stephanie Britton - Reading Eadmer of Canterbury in light of Anselm: the influence of Anselm’s political philosophy

Bernd Goehring - Secundum regulum Anselmi: Henry of Ghent's Reception of an Anselmian Principle

Constante Marabelli - The inner life and its metaphors in the Memorials of St. Anselm
Severin Kitanov - ‘Beatitudo est sufficiencia sine omni indigentia’: St. Anselm’s Compositional Model of Beatitude and its Reception in Late Medieval Scholastic Accounts of Beatitude


Parallel Session 7

7a. Ethics in Theory and Practice
Chair - Sally Vaughn

7b. Meditating on Anselm
Chair - Robert Stanton
Tomas Ekenberg - Anselm and the Place of Happiness in Ethics

Greg Sadler - Divine Justice, Mercy, and Intercession: The Innovative Structure of Anselm’s Prayers and Meditations

Thomas Ball - Anselm, Violence and Warfare: The Differing Roles of a Prince of the Church and a Prince of the State

Margaret Healy-Varley - The Admonitio morienti and Meditatio ad concitandum timorem in vernacular compilations

Samu Niskanen - Abbot Anselm and his priories

Paulo Martines - Les Méditations d’Anselme de Cantorbéry

Plenary Session 3 - Stokes 195S

Nicholas Watson - 'Multi vocati pauci vero electi': Affective Spirituality Reconsidered



Thursday, 30 July

Buffet Breakfast

Parallel Session 8

8a. Will and Freedom
Chair - James Wetzel

8b. Adapting Anselm
Chair - Ian Levy
Eileen Sweeney - Anselm on Evil and Eudaimonism

Stephen Brown - Anselm and the Anticipation of Declarative Theology

Jules vanSchaijik - Uncovering an important ambiguity in Anselm's affectio commodi

Giles E. M. Gasper - Anselm and Grosseteste: the Body of the Cosmos

Roberto Limonta & Riccardo Fedriga – ‘Omnis volens ipsum suum velle vult’: on a theory of incontinentia in Anselm's thought

Daniel Coman - The Cistercians and the assimilation of Anselm in the late 14th century – study case of Questio in vesperiis fratriis Chunradi de Ebrako (†1399)

Parallel Session 9

9a. Ontologies
Chair -  Jean-Luc Solére

9b. Modern Readings
Chair - Eileen Sweeney
Christian Göbel - What was ‘Anselm’s Discovery’? Reading Anselm’s Soteriology in an Ontological Context

Maggie Labinski - But Is It Abuse? Feminist Readings of Sadomasochism in Cur Deus Homo

Cyril Guérette - Semi(ont)ology: The Unity of Beauty and Verity in Anselm's Theology

Luca Vettorello - For a New Interpretation of Saint Anselm’s Proslogion

Kevin Staley - Anselm and Hartshorne on Being and Being-in-Relation

Gavin Ortlund - Beyond ‘the Problem of Anselm:’ A Fresh Look at Anselm of Canterbury’s Theological Epistemology
Coffee Break 

Plenary Session 4 with BCHT - Gasson Hall 100

Denys Turner Gödel's Reformulation of Anselm's Proslogion Argument: Valid but Unsound?
Marcia Colish - Response to Plenary Papers/Lectures

Joint IAAS and BCHT conference reception - Gasson Hall 100

Friday 27 February 2015

Call for papers - extended deadline

The conference committee has agreed to extend the deadline for submission of proposals for this year's International Anselm Conference, Reading Anselm: Context and Criticism, from 1 March to 31 March 2015.

Please see Call for Papers for details of how to submit a proposal.

Sunday 21 December 2014

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The campus is a short train ride away from the restaurants and shops in Brookline Coolidge Corner area and another few minutes to Boston’s Back Bay and downtown areas.

There are several dining facilities as well as fitness center, computer facilities and library on campus.

Housing for the conference is available on campus in student housing. These rooms are recently constructed and in a ‘suite’ formation with between two and four separate bedrooms with joint living areas, kitchen facilities, and bathrooms (two rooms share a bath). Room are available double or single occupancy and are supplied with towels and sheets. You can book here:

We are also able to offer attendees a conference rate at the Holiday Inn Brookline, in the center of the Coolidge Corner area and close to Kenmore Square, Fenway and Back Bay. The conference rate is $189 (as opposed to the regular summer rate of $219+).

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